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Gebrauchsanweiung D840 Novy Deckenl├╝fter
Gebrauchsanweiung ZEN 7500 Novy Inselhaube
Katalog KicheConcept

Press Information

The enormous interest from all around world for our "Round kitchen" keeps us quiet busy at the moment in answering all of your questions and therefor it could take a little longer as usual. If your the public relation magazines are non commercial you are allowed to use our pictures and information! Please confirm and send us a copy of your magazine!

The round kitchen is designed in a wave shape, and in the center of the kitchen you will find a high round cabinet with round shelves turning all around, in stainless steel and with a total of 4 square meters of storage, which can be reached from both sides.

The kitchen combines in harmony design and practical use. In the wave form are placed big drawers with glass elements beside. Under the integrated sink are seven compartments splitting trash, for spoons and other stuff. There are a lot of little highlights, like small silicon corners in the cupboards, removable fronts of drawers which makes it confortable for inside cleaning!

The round kitchen has nothing to do with Ferrari!!!

The Kitchen is designed by Michael Scholer and Ronny Kettmann, KicheConcept. Ronny and Michael are designing kitchens for people in Luxembourg and a small cut in the whole world!